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Welcome to Oakland's Place for

Parents, Guardians, Educators and All who

Support Students with Special Needs


We're glad you're here.  


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What is the Oakland Community Advisory Committee?


The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a state mandated consortium of parents, teachers, administrators and community members who advocate on behalf of students receiving Special Education services in our Special Education Local Plan Area.  

Under California Ed Code, the community advisory committee “shall have the authority and fulfill the responsibilities that are defined for it in the local plan. The responsibilities shall include, but need not be limited to, all the following:  (a) Advising the policy and administrative entity of the special education local plan area regarding the development, amendment, and review of the local plan. The entity shall review and consider comments from the community advisory committee; (b) Recommending annual priorities to be addressed by the plan; (c) Assisting in parent education and in recruiting parents and other volunteers who may contribute to the implementation of the plan; (d) Encouraging community involvement in the development and review of the local plan; (e) Supporting activities on behalf of individuals with exceptional needs; (f) Assisting in parent awareness of the importance of regular school attendance.”

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